MicroMetl Economizers


Economizers are used in conjunction with an HVAC unit to provide "free cooling" when there is a call for air conditioning and the outside air temperature and / or humidity is acceptable. It also provides a set amount of fresh air when the outside conditions are not acceptable for "free cooling" or when there is not a call for air conditioning. In some cases, the pay back on an economizer is less than 1 year.

MicroMetl manufactures ten of thousands of economizers each year, providing trouble-free energy and costs saving to all types of commercial buildings. Many local, state, federal and industry guidelines are appreciating the benefits of the economizer by mandating their usage in applications now down to 5 tons


Economizer types include vertical, horizontal, mixing boxes and those with an integrated power exhaust, and are manufactured for HVAC units from 2 to 100 tons.

Most MicroMetl economizers are gear-driven type to eliminate the excess play and binding that can be inherent with the traditional linkage type economizers. Many also include barometric relief dampers to eliminate excess building pressure. Outside air dampers include low leak seals to maximize utilities.

Many types of control systems are available including modulating enthalpy controls with differential sensing utilizing Honeywell and Belimo components.

Honeywell W7212 Controller Simulator

The MicroMetl/Honeywell W7212 Controller Simulator program trains customers on how to use the controller and troubleshoot problem jobs. Interactive damper, temperature, and humidity simulation is available. You may also simulate CO2 sensors and power exhaust activation while using dry bulb, enthalpy, or differential enthalpy sensors.

Download: [W7212 Controller Simulator]

Honeywell Economizer Savings Estimator

The MicroMetl/Honeywell Economizer Savings Estimator software program determines the economizer payback for your specific region. The option is given for using dry bulb, enthalpy, or differential enthalpy control.

Download: [Honeywell Economizer Savings Estimator]